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Why are my father's gums swollen?

My father has always taken excellent care of his teeth. Lately, his gums have been extremely swollen and cause him pain. What could be causing this?

Why do I have a metallic taste in my mouth?

I have been having a metallic taste in my mouth, and I am curious/concerned what could be causing this?

Why are my 5 year old son's teeth rotting?

My son is 5 years old. He doesn't eat excessive sugar, and we practice healthy oral hygiene with brushing and flossing. I know they are only his baby teeth, but why are his teeth...

Are my medications staining my teeth?

I have noticed brown staining on my teeth. I am taking iron tablets everyday. Could the staining be due to that?

Will being on a liquid diet affect my teeth in any way?

I am planning to go on a liquid diet to detox myself. Will this diet affect my teeth in any way?

Is it okay to swallow the gel applied for a mouth ulcer?

I use a OTC mouth gel to treat my mouth ulcer, and I accidentally swallowed the gel. Is this okay?

Why do I have sensitivity in all my lower teeth?

My teeth feel very sensitive, especially with those at the bottom of my jaw. What could be causing it?

Do teeth get affected during pregnancy?

I am currently 3 months pregnant and I have read that during pregnancy may have an impact on my teeth. Is this true? Why does this happen?

What causes dental erosions?

My dentist said that he noticed erosion on my teeth, and I've never really heard of it before. What does it mean to have dental erosion, and what causes it?

Is it bad that I leave food in between my teeth?

Sometimes when I'm eating, I get food stuck in between my teeth and I tend to not get it out and leave it in my mouth. Is this a bad thing to do for my teeth?

I have a boil on my gums. What should I do to treat it?

I have a boil on the inside of my gums, and it's just becoming painful. The pain also doesn't subside when I use an oral gel. What should I do to treat it?

Can braces get rusted?

I have braces on my teeth to straighten them out, but in the mirror, my braces look a little rusted. Is this possible?

What are the symptoms of a spreading tooth infection?

What are the possible symptoms of a tooth infection spreading to other teeth?

Is fever after a root canal normal?

Is it normal to get a fever after a root canal treatment? If it is, or isn't, why would it happen?

After my tooth extraction, I have swelling in my face. Is it normal?

I had my wisdom tooth extracted over a day ago, and there's still a lot of swelling in my face. Is this normal? How long does it usually take to subside?

My son is a year old, and isn't teething. Is this abnormal?

My son is over a year old and still hasn't started teething. I told our pediatrician that this feels really wrong, but he wants us to wait a little while. Is it just me? Or...

Is bad breath a sign of an underlying infection?

My husband has very bad breath, and this has been happening rather suddenly. Could this be a sign of an underlying infection?

Can water cause my teeth to discolor?

I recently moved more into the city, and I noticed that my teeth were a little discolored. I don't really drink soda, and very rarely, I drink coffee. Could regular tap water...

How bad is teeth grinding?

My husband noticed the other night that I grind my teeth while I sleep. This just started to happen, and I'm not really sure about why it started. How bad is this for my health?...

How can I treat cold sores in my child?

My son has cold sores, and I believe that he contracted this from his school. What is the best way to treat this? Do they go away on their own?

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