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Can I do teeth whitening with a front half fake incisor?

I broke my front too incisor when I was very young. It is a root canal. I was told I need to first crown it then proceed with the whitening but I was wondering if I could just...

Loose tooth

I fell down and my front tooth moved from its place but I returned it to its original position. It is kinda loose and it's hurting. What should I do?

Are electric toothbrushes any better for the teeth?

I am considering getting an electric toothbrush. Are electric toothbrushes better for my teeth?

How should I select my toothpaste?

There are so many toothpastes in the market today, and I'm not really sure what makes a toothpaste better than the other. What things should I know to pick the right kind of toothpaste?...

Is oil pulling ever recommended by dentists?

As a dentist do you recommend the practice of oil pulling that is becoming popular these days? Why or why not?

I had some bleeding in my gums while brushing. Could it be serious?

I experienced slight bleeding in my gums while brushing this morning. Usually that never happens. Could it be something serious?

Why am I so exhausted after removal of infected root canal molar?

I had an infected root canal molar removed two weeks ago. Had a lot of gum inflammation afterwards. That is finally mostly healed. But if I overdo it, I crash horribly with...

For small kids how frequent should dentist visits be?

My daughter is 3 and a half years old. How often should I be taking her to the dentist?

At what age can my little one start brushing her teeth on her own?

I have a daughter who is 3 years old. When can she start brushing on her own? She seems like she wants to but I still guide her.

Will frequent teeth cleanings remove spots from my teeth?

I have brownish spots on my teeth. Will frequent cleanings help me get rid of these spots?

My son's teeth are discoloured. Why?

My son's teeth are discolored and he is barely 4 years old. What could be the reason for this? He doesn't drink soda, so we know it's not that. Could juice cause this?

What is the right age for kids to brush their teeth on their own?

I always help my daughter with brushing her teeth but now I think it's time that she does it on her own. She is 3 years old, and I don't want her to depend on me for this. Is...

What causes swelling in the gums?

I have a slight swelling in my gums. What could be the cause of this swelling? Is it some infection or have I hurt my gums?

Are OTC products recommended for teeth whitening?

I went to a pharmacy the other day and there was a lot of OTC products available that claimed to whiten teeth teeth at home. Would you recommend them?

What is the course of treatment for periodontitis?

My mother has been diagnosed with periodontitis, and she's 67 years of age. What is the course of treatment for this condition?

I had a root canal and the same tooth is hurting again. What should I do?

I had a root canal done about 3 months ago and now I am experiencing pain and sensitivity in the same tooth again. What should I do?

My tooth infection keeps coming back. Can it signify something more serious?

I have a tooth infection that keeps coming back despite treatment. Is this a sign of something more serious?

My front tooth got chipped at the bottom. What can be done about it?

My front tooth got chipped from falling flat on my face recently. Will I have to get this extracted or can it be treated?

Will mouthwash erode my teeth enamel?

I have extremely bad breath and I often use mouthwash because of it. Will this cause my tooth enamel to erode?

#2 tooth with deep cavity - why infected after filling?

About 10 weeks ago, I had the #2 tooth filled due to a deep cavity near the nerve. In the first 2-3 weeks afterward, the tooth was moderately sensitive to chewing/biting and...

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