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What are some side effects of radiotherapy?

The best treatment option for me, according to my doctor, is radiotherapy for my chondrosarcoma. But we didn't really discuss a lot of the side effects associated with it. What...

Should I consider natural medicine for cancer?

I was diagnosed with musculoskeletal cancer quite recently, and I really do not want to go through the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. I'd much rather look into...

What are the risks with radiotherapy in cancer treatment?

I was diagnosed with bone cancer recently, and my doctor suggested that we treat it with radiotherapy rather than chemo. We didn't discuss any of the risks that can happen with...

Can musculoskeletal cancers benefit from physical medicine?

A family member was diagnosed with a musculoskeletal cancer and is going to be treated with physical medicine alongside chemotherapy. How can physical medicine benefit her?

When is radiation therapy considered over chemotherapy?

My grandmother has breast cancer, and for her treatment, her and her doctors decided to have her on radiation therapy rather than chemotherapy. When is radiation therapy considered...

I have a growth on my leg. Could it be cancer?

I noticed a growth on my leg while showering, and it's pretty large. I haven't hit it on anything to cause a bump or a bruise, and it really hasn't gone away. Could this be cancerous?...

What is the success rate for radiation on cancer?

Out of all of the treatments for cancer, what's the success rate of radiation therapy? What is the criteria for it to be used?

How do I know if my child's bone marrow transplant is working or not?

My 12 year old son recently received a bone marrow transplant. How will I know if it is working or not?

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