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Can I drive after MOHS surgery?

I'm scheduled to have MOHS surgery very soon, and I'm well aware that I do receive local anesthesia where the tumor is. But still, should I have someone drive me to my procedure...

Birth control for acne?

I heard that birth control can actually help my acne. I've been on birth control before to regulate my period, and took myself off of them because of the side effects. But now...

How would I know if I have diabetic dermopathy?

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes years ago, and I've always felt like I've been managing my condition pretty well. Or, so I thought. The other day, I noticed a strange pigment...

How are carbuncles treated?

I have a severe problem with repeated carbuncles. What is the treatment for making them finally go away?

Is there a test that can confirm psoriasis?

I feel like I have psoriasis on the scalp of my head. Are there any tests that can confirm this?

My daughter is developing white patches on her skin. What is the treatment for it?

My daughter is 5 years old and I recently saw her developing white patches on her skin. Why could this be happening? Is there a treatment for this?

What is the treatment for acne in teenagers?

How can I help my daughter treat her acne? Are there any natural remedies?

My daughter has a red mole that will be operated on. Does she need anesthesia?

My 14 year old has a reddish mole on her shoulder that the dermatologist wants to remove and test. He is also taking some skin around the mole. I'm wondering: how does this...

Crusty, odd-looking mole

I have a mole on my shoulder that's starting to get crusty looking. I haven't picked at it, but it still seems to change and get crustier in appearance. What could it be? Should...

What can I do for hair loss?

What are the options for a women with hair loss? I have been losing hair since I had my second child. Is surgery the only thing?

How are 2nd and 3rd burns treated?

How are 2nd and 3rd burns in a person treated? Do they all require a plastic surgery?

Does a hair transplant hurt?

I want to have a hair transplant for my baldness, but this procedure usually hurt? And will it hurt me after I have the transplant?

Why does my skin turn red when exposed to the sun?

My skin tends to turn completely red when exposed to the sun. What could be wrong? I feel like this is more than just having sensitive skin.

What treatment should I have to remove my stitch marks?

I have stitch marks from my last surgery, and it looks almost like a scar. What treatment would you recommend to get rid of these surgery marks?

Is there any medicine to treat boils?

I am 17 years old and am having a lot of boils all over my face. Is there any medicine to treat these boils?

Why is my daughter's skin getting burnt?

My daughter is 4 years old, and still gets burnt from the sun--even when we put sunscreen on her. We put on 45 SPF. How can I prevent her from being burnt? We are going to...

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