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What would cause middle of the night severe knee pain?

I am a completely healthy and fit 32 year old- know knee, bone or joint problems. Over the last couple of months in the middle of the night I wake up with a stabbing, unbearable...

Ankle pain post arthroscopic surgery

I had an arthroscopic debrident of my right ankle to fix issues with impingement syndrome. Now after approximately 5 years I am noticing pain and instability returning more frequently...

My mother underwent a joint replacement surgery. How long will the recovery take?

My mother is 68 years old and went through joint replacement surgery for her knee. How long is the recovery time for this? What should we do to help her?

Lab work done 10/09/17 showed my Absolute Lymphocytes @ 5738. This is not the first time they were high. I had one @ 5400 months before October. My...

I have had several Corticosteroid Lumbar injections, Kidney Infections, H Pylori & C-Dif prir years October 25,17 I had Surgery Lumbar FUSION.

partial vs full joint replacement

What is the difference between a partial and a full joint replacement? Does a partial one have to be done again later?

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