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My 6 year old has a speech problem. What do I do?

My 6-year-old daughter has a terrible lisp; she also has trouble pronouncing many words. What can I do to help her?

Can my family doctor treat anxiety?

My younger brother has been experiencing anxiety attacks in these past couple of weeks. We aren't sure if we should go to our family doctor for his issue, or if we should take...

Are protein shakes good for health?

My son is 13 years old and insists on having protein shakes to build his body muscle. Are these shakes recommended for such young kids?

Is there a medication for wet dreams

I'm fourteen years old, and I'm getting wet dreams quite frequently. It's a little embarrassing. Is there a medication to just. . . stop them?

What is the treatment for acne in teenagers?

How can I help my daughter treat her acne? Are there any natural remedies?

What can I do to help my daughter concentrate better?

My 12 year old daughter just won't concentrate on her studies. What can I do to help her concentrate on, and cope better, with her studies?

What is the treatment for anorexia?

My daughter has anorexia. Can this condition be managed with just counselling or does she require medication?

Why is my daughter so distracted when studying?

My daughter is extremely distracted when I ask her to study or write anything. We've tried to play "math games" and have our own little sessions of "Jeopardy" in our house, but...

What age is best for a tonsillectomy?

My 17 year old daughter has been getting strep throat a few times a year. Is she too old for her tonsils to be removed? Does it hurt more the older you get?

What is the best diet for a 13 year old who just started her period?

My daughter is 13 years old and has just started her period. Should she change her diet at all? Her blood tests indicate everything's normal otherwise.

My daughter has acne due to PCOD. It is affecting her confidence. What should we do?

I am very worried for my daughter who is now suffering from a lot of acne due to PCOD. It is beginning to affect her confidence. She's in high school and it's really bothering...

Are behavioral changes during puberty normal?

My daughter is 13 years old and her behavior is changing drastically. She was very close to me until now. Suddenly she has become distant. Is it just hormones or something else?...

My daughter is complaining of some pain around her breasts. Is it normal?

My daughter is 12 years old and is now experiencing physical changes. She has been complaining of breast pain recently, but the doctor says it is okay. Is it normal? I just...

What is the best treatment for teenage acne?

My daughter has just entered her teens and is dealing with severe acne. Should we try medicines to treat it or wait for it to settle on its own?

Can you get strep throat without tonsils?

I had my tonsils removed when I was younger, I am 16 years old now. Today I have a sore throat with a fever and puss in my throat. Is it possible to have strep throat with...

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